Pipe Bursting Services

Replace Your Buried Pipelines Without Traditional Trench

GR Plumbing Inc, proudly offers trenchless method Pipe Bursting. With this trenchless method, we can replace existing pipelines in the same alignment without physically removing the existing pipeline. This avoids the need to secure any additional right-of-way to install the replacement pipe. Our professionals have extensive training, experience, and advanced equipment to provide the best solution to every plumbing issue.

How Does Pipe Bursting Work?

A constant tension winch is used to guide the pipe bursting tool through the host pipe. The tool then bursts the old pipe underground and a new pipe is pulled through. The tool is an expanding device, known as an expander head. As it moves through the pipe, the expander head breaks up the old pipes into small fragments.

Pipe Bursting is an effective solution, which is:

  • Effective to Replace buried water, sewer, drain or gas lines without any trench

  • Less Time Consuming and Less Damage to Property

  • Less Expensive than Traditional Pipe Replacement

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