Copper Repiping Services in Los Angeles, CA

Expertise with Copper Repiping

GR Plumbing specializes in U.S.A. Type “L" Hard Copper repiping. We have the industry veterans who knows how to precisely get their job done starting from - preparing the layout for the job to- ordering parts, installing and inspecting the repiping process. We have a crew of experts for patching and we do not use sub-contractors. Call GR Plumbing INC to let one of our experts provide you with in-house estimate and show you how we can repipe your home with right patterns and less cost.

What is Repiping?

When you are continuously facing pipe leaks after multiple repairs then the only option left is repiping. Repiping means replacing your plumbing system. This process is also referred as replumbing or piping replacement.

Benefits of using Copper pipes:

  • Copper is the material that comes with the longest warranty around 50 years

  • Copper is most commonly used and most trusted for piping by plumbers

  • Copper is a natural material so stays in good condition for longer time after installation

  • Joints created with copper fittings are leak proof

  • Copper pipes doesn’t let it release toxic gases in case of fire

  • External environment doesn’t affect the internal copper surface

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